FullHD, 9mm, 2013

Getting a haircut abroad is never just a matter of grooming. I think of it as a chance to pick up a kind of guide who can tell you a lot about the place where you are. The act of getting a haircut, after all, is an intimate one, and it breeds a unique form of contact with locals. Where else can you sit uninvited among rusty scissors, infected blades and greasy men in for an afternoon shave? Or more to the point, where else can you engage in such a relaxed, unobstructed observation of the above details? Barbershops are hives of community activity, and sitting in the barber s chair, you have a front-row seat. But foreign barbershops are also inviting because, as a traveler, your very presence changes the dynamic. Things happen when you walk in for a haircut, and you can never predict what they will be. There is the place to shoot the breeze, and for all off topic conversations which goes over the meaning of shaving.

The meaning of documentary formats continues with a possible collaboration between a video-journalist who examines a specific way of narration and the audience who has to embed the information it received in the landscape already suggested in the title.

The footage appears largely innocuous: street, people who talk to each other, and unknown figures. This is a video document as a digital wallpaper, an endless shifting surface that expresses slight unease. The work proposes a discussion that examines acts of describing through a specific way of acting, an acting that overcomes the psychological level of behaviorism and represents a material of moving image.

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