Adrian Alecu Maribor Claims

Full HD Video, 6 Minute. 2016

The Map: an abstract description of a part of the world using a series of signs with a strict, established meaning. For political or cultural reasons, the structure and terminology of maps undergo changes. In the space presented within a map there is a strict connection between the different forms of cultural behaviors within the area and the area as a geographic and social space. The history of mapping – mapping as a process of analysis – is rich and varied: if in the Middle Ages the human brain was the field of mapping, even as a metaphor, so in the Renaissance the attention of the map-maker shifts to the human body as an object of anatomic investigation. In modernity, the tradition of mapping is taken up in moving pictures by German abstract experimental filmmakers, such as Walter Ruttmann and Russian constructivist filmmakers, such as Dziga Vertov. There is also an interesting contribution to the development of mapping in film noir, which integrates the process of mapping as a part of the narration with a strong dramatic significance. My project provides a visual map of Maribor, using very few formal elements but culturally suggestive ones. To remain in the field of abstract presentation, my video allows the viewer to decide which cognitive level of visual perception will connect the images to the reality of this place.

Special Thanks to:

Simon Žlahtič

Mišel Marodi

Doc. Dr. Tomaž Grušovnik, Univerza na Primorskem

and to all team from

guestroom Maribor.


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